The Start:

We are asked frequently who the best FPS clan in South Africa is and no one really knows. Yes, we know who wins the competitions, but no one knows who the Best of the Best is. When I realised that was when the idea struck me. So I started thinking and talking to my fellow clanmates and we decided to start our own Gaming Ranking System, called the GRL.

How It Works:

The concept is fairly simple: we run an annual FPS league where clans register and get to play other registered clans, submitting the scores to accumulate points towards their ranking. Based on your wins and losses your clan will receive a ranking at the end of the Season.

Prizes will be awarded for both the top-ranked clan and the top-ranked player.

Other tournaments will also be hosted throughout the Season, with cash and other good stuff to be won.

For a more detailed explanation, please contact the Admins.

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