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Game settings:

-Length: 150% tickets

-Unranked Servers


2 rounds on one map pre chosen

Clans must communicate and organise between themselves which map should be played *Read which maps allowed below

Game will commence when both clans say ready

Winning team recieves 20 points

If both teams draw, each clan will get 10 points, and no bonus points

2.5% bonus on number of tickets left from both rounds added together (.5 points will be rounded up) for overall winning Team (wins both rounds)

If a team loses only by 50 tickets left (both rounds added together), they will receive 5 points

1 screenshot from each clan for both rounds must be provided for points to be allocated


8 people on each team

No more, If less, game may continue

-Maps Allowed

Grand Bazaar (CQ Large)

Tehran Highway (CQ Large)

Seine Crossing (CQ Large)

Damavand Peak (CQ Large)

Noshahr Canals (CQ Large)

Operation Metro (CQ Large)


Friendly Fire: On

Killcam: Off

Minimap: On

Hud: off

Corsshair: off

3D Spotting: Off

Minimap Spotting: On

Third Person Camera: Off

Name Tags: off

Regenerate health: On

Vehicle Spawn: On

Vehicle Spawn Delay: 100%

Soldier Health: 60%

Player Respawn Time: 100%

Player Man Down Time: 100%

Bullet Damage: 100%

Squad Leader Only Spawn: On

Round Start Player Count: 1

Round Restart Player Count: Off

Punkbuster: On

-Weapons Banned

No expantion weapons allowed

870 shotgun, slug rounds