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Classes Per Team:

Assault : 3

SMG : 2

Sniper : 1

Shotgun : 1

Match Rules:

All the Recorded Games must be Played by the Registered team on the site, and it must be versus a team that is also Registered on site.

During Knife Rounds :

* No Climbing.

* No Shooting, Nades or flashes.

* No Planting.

Point Allocation

Win = 3 Points

Lose = 0 Points

Draw = 1 Point each

Bonus Points

Win Both Maps = 1 Point

Win by More than 5 Rounds = 1 Point

Lose by less than 3 Rounds = 1 Point


Assault:  M16, M14, Einfeild, Galil,  FN-FAL, Commando,


Attach:  Silencer, Dual Mags

SMG:  MP5k, AK74u

Attach:  Silencer, Dual Mags

Sniper:  L96A1

Attach:  Silencer

Shotgun:  Stakeout

Attach:  None

Pistols : All but ASP

Grenades :  Frag, Smoke and Flash Grenades.

Attachemnts : Speed Reloader

Please make sure to cancel matches before 24 Hours after Fxtures are posted